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Jihad: World War in 2036

ISBN: 1-58500-867-2


Good News!

I am pleased to announce that JIHAD: World War in 2036 is now available in paperback from 1stBooks Library!  

Here's the scoop. 1st Books Library announced the release of JIHAD: World War in 2036 through Lightning Publishing, a subsidiary of Ingram Books Group. Lightning Publishing uses the new "Print-On-Demand" technology to maintain and distribute books through "brick and mortar bookstores" such as Barnes & Noble, Borders Books as well as electronic bookstores including and

Lightning Publication's titles are listed in Ingram's "Books in Print" database, not to be confused with Bowker's "Books in Print". The store clerk need only look up the book by title, author or ISBN number and order directly from the Ingram's database.

Deliver of POD books is about the same as with other books. Typically, a book is shipped a day or two after the order is placed. Depending upon the vagaries of the real world, the book will arrive at the bookseller within a week. 

Of course, a bookseller may shorten this interval by purchasing substantial numbers of  JIHAD: World War in 2036 in advance. However, they will only do so if they perceive a demand for it. 

So, invade your bookstores. Demand your rights. Get your own copy of JIHAD: World War in 2036

For those of of you who prefer to order electronically, I have provided buttons that will connect you directly with your favorite reseller.

Regardless of whether you chose the e-book or the soft cover version, when you've finished reading  JIHAD: World War in 2036 send me an e-mail and tell me how much you liked it.




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