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Lake Aral


MacDonald Reid


JIHAD: World War in 2036, elevated MacDonald Reid into the pantheon of the Gods of the Techno-Thriller. OIL COMMISSION raised Reid above all the rest. Lake Aral is a stunning and most fitting termination of the World Union Series.

The action shifts to the Far East. Japan, experiencing a resurgence of Bushido, acts to recover the territories it lost in World War II. China, suffering a prolonged famine, seeks arable land and new sources of food to feed its two billion souls.

To both Japan and China, Russia is the arch-enemy. Russia seized Sakhalin and the Kurile Islands from Japan at the end of World War II. Russia had also seized the region south of the Stanovoy Mountains from China. Determined to liberate their native lands, China and Japan attack Russia.

But, the world has changed. Lead by the Oil Commission, the world has come into a new era of prosperity based upon mutual cooperation. The worldís armed forces have been cut to the bone, and the peaceful exploration of space is well underway. Yet, Chinaís billions of people and Japanís advanced weapons threaten to destroy everything that has been accomplished since the Cold War.

Can the rest of the world act in time to halt aggression? Or, will warfare destroy civilization?

As we have come to expect in Reidís novels, Lake Aral is a story of hope. A new era dawns, bearing with it lasting peace and prosperity for all Mankind.

Even if you're not "into" techno-thrillers, I recommend Lake Aral by MacDonald Reid. If you are, you'll love it as much as JIHAD: World War in 2036, and OIL COMMISSION.

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