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In the arcane realm of the techno-thriller there are but a few leading lights. The names of Tom Clancy, Larry Bond and Dale Brown are familiar to aficionados of this genre. JIHAD: World War in 2036, elevated MacDonald Reid into that pantheon.

For those of you who eagerly waited for Reidís second novel, OIL COMMISSION will keep you clamoring for more. OIL COMMISSION is big (over five hundred and fifty pages), has many maps and a plethora of characters. As weíd expect, the action shifts rapidly and dramatically. The military situations and tactics are realistic, and Reidís technological innovations have hit a new high. Nor has Reid lost the storytellerís touch. OIL COMMISSION will grab you on page one and not release you until youíve finished reading it.

OIL COMMISSION is a brutal yet poignant story of war in the Middle East and North Africa twelve years after JIHAD. Many of the major characters we met in Jihad are in also in OIL COMMISSION. Sergeant Al Murphy is still the archetypal John Wayne. An older but wiser Dave Duncan is still flying. Blacky Breckenridge commands the Oil Commission Armed Forces. Youíll be reintroduced to General Benhamin Hammedyanni, once the haughty chief of staff of the Revolutionary Guards Army. Youíll meet General Leonid Melenkov, a dedicated, professional soldier.

And then there is Rachel....

Yet, OIL COMMISSION is a story of hope, climaxing in a reaffirming shout of Hallelujah! A new society emerges from the shadow of war. A new era dawns, bearing with it the promises of peace and prosperity for all Mankind.

Even if you're not "into" techno-thrillers, I recommend OIL COMMISSION by MacDonald Reid. If you are, you'll love it as much as JIHAD: World War in 2036.

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