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It's the year 2036, and The Faithful, a group of North African Islamic nations, are plotting to seize the oil resources of the Middle East. By controlling the earth's oil and its major trade routes, they plan to bring the world to its knees. Then, when the entire world is kneeling, the Faithful of Allah will read to them from the Koran, preaching the message of Islam, the True Faith. The Faithful will stop at nothing to achieve their goal. But how far will they go? And how many lives will it cost?

 Jihad: World War in 2036 is a finely tuned saga combining military strategy and tactics, political machinations, religious fervor and powerful character portrayals in a frighteningly realistic scenario of World War III.

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In the aftermath of World War III, the United States, intending to ensure world peace, establishes the Oil Commission to control the resources of North Africa and the Middle East. However, The Faithful have been defeated not vanquished. The imposition of the Oil Commission offends many powerful nations. None dare attack the United States. Yet, isn’t that what alliances are for?

OIL COMMISSION is an epic saga of hatred and revenge, in which the powerful conspire to inflame religious intolerance and to ignite the pent up hostilities of the downtrodden to instigate war on a global scale.

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The Oil Commission has led mankind through the oil crisis into a new ear of world peace and unprecedented prosperity. China, the world’s most populous nation, has isolated itself. China fears the outside world, not only because China cannot compete, but also because such openness would undermine the all-powerful Communist Party. At the same time, Japan yearns to return to its days of glory, when Nippon ruled the Southeast Asia Coprosperity Sphere. Both Japan and China perceive that Russia is the enemy – the one country that is denying them their greatness. By the greatest of coincidences, they both attack Russia simultaneously.

Not since the Jihad of 2036 has the world faced such a crisis. Can World War IV be avoided? Can Mankind survive this ultimate threat to its very existence?

Lake Aral is an epic saga of consequences. The consequence of isolationism is distrust, which leads to war. The consequence of unchecked nationalism is war. The consequence of a politician’s call for a return to traditional values is war. Only through cooperation can mankind survive. But, will Mankind learn this lesson in time?

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