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A Dirty Little War is the story of human fallibility, greed and power. 

Brazil has squandered its abundance of natural resources and impoverished its people. The corrupt government  of Sabastiao Ferros succumbs to the empty promises of the Amazon River Basin and is ensnared by the Colombian drug lords. When Dr. Juan Mones leads a National Strike, Mareshal Guelma Ortiz overthrows the government and seizes power.

The international community reacts quickly. Both the OAS and the UN declare sanctions against Brazil, including shipments of food. Brazil's crisis deepens. Its rain forests have been destroyed. Prime agricultural lands lie beneath city streets. Brazil is unable to feed itself, and cannot buy food on the open market. 

President Ortiz has only one choice. He cannot step down and reinstate the corrupt Ferros government. Faced with the prospect of millions of starving Brazilians,  he orders the invasion of Uruguay, the richest agricultural nation in South America.

Uruguay, utterly unprepared for war, appeals to neighboring Argentina for its aide. 

Will tiny Uruguay withstand the armed might of South America's greatest power? Can Argentine Intervene successfully? What will the United States do? What can it do?

Join Lt. Commander James Thomas Duncan as he navigates the U.S.S. Arkansas to Montevideo to protect Americans trapped by the war. Fly with Lieutenant Norm Spigott from the decks of the U.S.S. Jefferson. Follow Captain Thomas "Blacky" Breckenridge as he leads his Marines through the surf and into the greatest jungle on earth.


Other news:

Jihad: World War in 2036 -

Good News!

As many of you know, JIHAD: World War in 2036 was first published Commonwealth Publications in 1995. Unfortunately, they went out of business in 1996, leaving me and many other authors out on a limb.

Since then, JIHAD: World War in 2036 has been available as an e-book through and through The two other books of the World Union Series, OIL COMMISSION and Lake Aral, are available through in e-book form.

I am pleased to announce that beginning in June 2000, JIHAD: World War in 2036 will be available in paperback. JIHAD will be available for purchase through, Barnes & Noble and Borders Books.

When will my other books be available in paperback? Expect OIL COMMISSION to be out in about a year. With any kind of luck, Lake Aral will be out in two to three years.

So, invade your bookstores. Demand your rights. Get your own copy of JIHAD: World War in 2036. Then, send me an e-mail and tell me how much you liked it.